tippy smart pad

Tippy Smart Pad

Anti-Abandon Safety Device in the car for children

The Tippy range offers a selection of products dedicated to child safety. Technology, at the basis of the proposed solutions, helps parents in their daily life with simple and effective devices.

Tippy Pad, the anti-abandon Bluetooth device, thanks to the appended APP prevents the risk of leaving children inside the car.


Tippy Pad

Tippy Pad is the Bluetooth anti-abandonment device according to the Italian law. Thanks to the APP and related services it prevents the risk of forgot children inside the car.

tippy fi

Tippy Fi

Tippy-Fi is a practical accessory to combine with your Tippy Pad. It detects the removal of the vehicle with a child on board by means of an audible alarm in the absence of a telephone.

Anti-abandon devices required

Italia Law 117 of 2018, which makes an amendment to the Highway Code, establishes the obligation for all persons carrying a child under 4 years of age in a car to wear an anti-abandon device to avoid the risk of forgetting the child in the car.

The law also establishes precise characteristics that the device must meet in order to be approved for use. Tippy Pad complies with the technical construction and functional characteristics provided for in the implementing decree.