Dailee Lady

Sanitary pads for adults designed for urinary incontinence and post partum


Female urinary incontinence is a very common problem, involving about 1 in 3 women from the age of 18 to 75. The causes related to female urinary incontinence can be multiple and at the same time can manifest themselves differently depending on age. For this reason, Dailee has designed a line of products specifically designed for women of all ages who suffer from mild and medium leakage of urine. The Dailee Lady postpartum tampons are great from mild to medium female urinary incontinence and to combat all those disorders that affect new mothers in the post-partum weeks.

Ultra Thin

The innovative Drylock technology guarantees minimum thickness for greater ease of use.

Dermatologically tested

Dermatologically tested, Dailee products prevent the onset of annoying skin irritations.

Silky soft

Dailee products are made with soft and ultra delicate materials to increase the feeling of comfort and well-being during use.

Anti-odor control system

The odor control system alters the urine pH, neutralizes odors and ensures extra protection

Protective side barriers

Dailee products have soft elastics around the thighs that control lateral leaks, in this way they ensure high performance.

A tampon for every situation

Whatever the cause of urinary leakage, the Dailee Lady postpartum sanitary napkin is available in 3 different sizes based on needs and with different absorbency levels: Normal, Extra, Maxi.

Don’t let urinary incontinence define and affect your life, face every moment with strength and confidence with Dailee Lady!