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Kikido: natural products for the well-being of newborns

All new parents at least once experienced, in addition to the immense joy for their little one, also mixed emotions such as anxiety and worries. For this, ADD has designed and created a specific line of products for the well-being of newborns and for the serenity of parents. Products made to meet all the needs of children and also the desire of parents to seek only the best for their children. From these assumptions was born the brand Kikido: the best choice to grow children in a healthy and safe with products made with 100% natural and organic ingredients.

Kikido selects the best ingredients and excludes from the composition of its products all the chemical and plastic ingredients that can harm the skin of the smallest, such as silicones and parabens, or petrochemical derivation.


A choice made to protect children, not to harm our planet, but also to offer support and security to all parents who want only the best for their unique treasure.

Rotta Kikido

The route Kikido

Kikido represents a valid ally in the field of parenting, where insecurities and fears often take over. Our route is based on the idea of creating a safe haven within these uncertainties. Kikido is a symbol of comfort, safety and serenity, symbolized by our iconic whale in the logo.

Our solutions for children and infants are not simply high-quality products, but reflect our commitment to making the complex parenting role easier and serene.

A conscious and safe choice

As Kikido manufacturers and distributors, we at ADD Group are committed to making informed choices to protect the environment and the future of children. Kikido offers the security of a conscious choice and quality thanks to:


Premium quality: Kikido products are made with the highest quality materials, gentle on the sensitive skin of babies, ensuring safety and comfort thanks to numerous clinical tests.


No Harmful Products: proudly without parabens, alcohol or harmful perfumes, our products are hypoallergenic and safe for all sensitive skin, even those of children!


Sustainability: Aware of the environmental impact, we are committed to minimizing it. Kikido products are sustainable, and help to preserve the world for future generations.

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