Dailee Pants

Diaper Pants


Dailee Pants are adults diapers suitable for all types of incontinence. Unlike regular senior diapers, Dailee Adult Pants Diapers are easy to wear as a regular underwear. The modern and innovative design and the anatomical shape combine comfort and safety allowing maximum freedom of movement. The high absorbency ensures protection by controlling side spills. The adult diapers pants are therefore the ideal solution for those suffering from medium-severe incontinence. The elastic bands on the sides allow them to be worn with ease and the three-channel drainage texture ensures a rapid absorption of liquids instead favoring dry and clean skin for several hours. The high breathability of the product also allows you to avoid the occurrence of inflammation and irritation. Dailee Pants, diapers for elderly, are also equipped with the Odour Control System to control and eliminate any odors.

Pull Off & On

The Dailee Pant is easy to put on just like any underwear.

Ultra Enveloping

The ultra-anatomical shape makes it feel light, ensuring safety and protection for the wearer.

Totally Breathable

Total breathability to let the skin breathe and guarantee a feeling of well-being and comfort.

Dermatologically tested

Dermatologically tested, Dailee products prevent the onset of annoying skin irritations.

Anti-odor control system

The odor control system alters the urine pH, neutralizes odors and ensures extra protection.

Protective side barriers

Dailee products have soft elastics around the thighs that control lateral leaks, and help to ensure high performance.

An adult diaper for every situation

Dailee Pants are available in three different absorbency grades, Normal (sizes M, L, XL), Plus (sizes M, L, XL) and Super (sizes M, L, XL), are indicated to protect against any type of incontinence: from small leakage to severe incontinence disorders.