Dailee Slip

Incontinence Adult Diapers


Dailee Slip is the line of tear-off adult diapers specifically designed for those suffering from medium and severe urinary incontinence. Thanks to the practical elastic ears that allow a greater fit, the Dailee Slip are suitable for people with physical disabilities or reduced motor skills, who have poor walking autonomy. In addition, the side stickers make changing easy and practical, even for bedridden patients. The anatomical shape and the materials of the highest quality in fact allow the Dailee Slip diapers for the elderly to remain adherent to the body shapes even in case of heavy leakages. The soft elastics control the side spills. In addition, the breathable material allows the sensitive skin of the elderly to breathe avoiding the occurrence of possible irritation.

Perfect fit

Dailee Slip is designed to satisfy every need. It fits perfectly to the body.

Totally Breathable

Total breathability to let the skin breathe and guarantee a feeling of well-being and comfort.

Dermatologically tested

Dermatologically tested, Dailee products prevent the onset of annoying skin irritations.

Cotton effect

Dailee products are made with soft and ultra-delicate materials to increase the feeling of comfort and well-being during use.

Anti-odor control system

The odor control system alters the urine pH, neutralizing odors and ensuring extra protection.

Protective side barriers

Dailee products have soft elastics around the thighs that control lateral leaks, helping to ensure high performance.

An adult diaper for every situation

The Dailee Slip are diapers for the elderly and adults particularly suitable for those suffering from severe incontinence. They are ideal for elderly people who have motor difficulties but also for bedridden patients. Dailee Slip are available in three different absorbency grades: Super (sizes M, L/XL), Maxi (sizes M, L/XL, XXL) and Maxi Plus (sizes M, L/XL, XXL).