Dailee Bed

Disposable absorbent pads


Dailee Bed is a line of surface-saving absorbent sleepers. Also defined as mattress-saving sleepers, Dailee Bed absorbent sleepers are ideal to protect the bed in case of urinary leakage and keep the mattress dry. Available in different sizes, Dailee Bed absorbent sleepers can also be used on different surfaces such as chairs, sofas or prams. In fact, the external waterproof coating allows you to block liquids by protecting the surfaces and keeping them dry and clean. The absorbent inner core provides softness and comfort for the user. The absorbent cross is a valuable ally in more than one situation. In fact, Dailee Bed can be used as a support during the changing of diapers of elderly or bedridden people, as a support during the diaper change of newborns, but also as a surface saver for the care of pets.

Anti-odor control system

The odor control system alters the urine pH, neutralizing odors and ensuring extra protection.

Night Protection

The innovative Drylock technology ensures maximum absorbency while providing protection in case of accidental urine leakage.

Silky soft

The soft surface offers high comfort while lying or sitting on any surface.

Absorbent sleepers for every surface

The Dailee absorbent sleepers are available in three different sizes: 40×60 cm, 60×60 cm, 60×90 cm.
Dailee Bed are versatile and practical, they can also be used as sleepers absorbent saves surface to support the elderly diaper change, Baby diaper change, and also for pet care.