Dailee – Adult Diapers


Dailee: Incontinence diapers for adults

Dailee is a brand owned by Drylock, a Belgian company leader in Europe in the production of diapers for the elderly and adults. Thanks to decades of experience and commitment to continuous innovation, incontinence diapers made by Drylock respond to the latest market demands, representing one of the most innovative and cutting-edge products in the industry.

Dailee incontinence diapers are discreet, thanks to a thickness reduced by 50% compared to competing products and, at the same time, absorbent, thanks to the texture of the fabric that ensures proper absorbency for those who use them daily.

All Dailee products are specifically designed to meet the needs of incontinent people who need reliable, comfortable and discreet solutions. Drylock technology drastically reduces cellulose consumption, making Dailee products more environmentally sustainable.

The Dailee catalogue offers solutions for every need: from Diapers to Pants, from the Lady line to the Men line, and from shaped diapers to surface-saving sleepers.

Dailee Incontinence


Adult diapers produced with the innovative Drylock technology.

The Drylock technology allows to reduce the thickness of the absorbing material by at least 50% compared to traditional competitors making the adult diapers ultra thin. The lower thickness guarantees greater ease of use and better freedom of movement.

In addition, polymers evenly distributed in the weft make the diapers super absorbent ensuring maximum protection day and night and during all daily activities. The high quality of the materials used creates a pleasant and delicate cotton effect on the skin.

Drylock technology is applied in all Dailee products to guarantee comfort and well-being to the wearer, regardless of the level of absorbency needed.

Dailee friend of the environment

Dailee’s incontinence aids use 50% less cellulose than traditional diapers, making them more environmentally friendly. The reduced consumption of cellulose in fact allows to reduce the number of trees cut, saving millions every year. In addition, the reduced thickness of Dailee products allows you to use less material during the production process, optimize space and reduce transport costs resulting in a lower environmental impact.

Dailee incontinence diapers are manufactured in plants that use technologically advanced equipment and machinery thanks to which the consumption of electricity is reduced to a minimum by increasing its efficiency by 30%. As Dailee distributors, ADD Group fully espouses the values of environmental sustainability of the brand, becoming its spokesman in our company policy.