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Pillo: the biggest protection for children

Pillo is a brand of Fippi Spa, European leader in the production of baby diapers. All Pillo products accompany your baby in its development day by day and are made, always, paying great attention to issues related to sustainability and the environment. Certified for sustainable production, the cellulose used comes exclusively from sustainably managed forest sources, in full protection of the environment. A special feature of Pillo diapers is the low thickness of the absorbent material which leads to a lower production of solid waste, a reduction in the consumption of electricity in production processes and a lower CO2 emission in the air, while maintaining retention performance unchanged.

Today Pillo is recognized in the Italian and European market for the high quality of its products, witnessed by a perfect balance between high performance and extremely refined raw materials used.


As Pillo diaper distributors, we at ADD Group fully espouse the values of the Brand and become its spokesman in our company policy.

Pillo diapers


All Pillo diapers and pants are equipped with DryWay Technology 2.0.

DryWay 2.0 technology quickly and evenly distributes liquids thanks to its 3 absorbing channels designed to improve the distribution of liquids, maintaining high absorption performance albeit with a reduced environmental impact.

The lower use of absorbent material compared to the competition allows, in fact, to reduce the impact on the ecosystem, reducing the production of solid waste and reducing the consumption of energy during production.

Pillo friend of the environment

The tiny ones represent our future and, for this reason, in the production processes, Pillo has chosen to take actions that demonstrate its attention and commitment to the environment. To give the little ones a better world.


The brand values are demonstrated by the use of cellulose from sustainably managed forests: the use of chlorine-free bleached cellulose, to reduce its overall environmental impact, the absence of perfumes or lotions in diapers combined with the use of natural colors made without the use of heavy metals and lead.


Pillo diapers are dermatologically tested and have I’m Green PE, OEKO TEX and FSC certifications that demonstrate the brand’s commitment to protecting the environment.