Premium Pillo

Diapers to grow up with is fun

Pillo is a trademark owned by Fippi S.p.A., a family business that has grown to become a European leader in the production of baby diapers. The company is always at the forefront of research and development of new technologies that are sustainable from our ecosystem. Today it is able to distinguish itself on the market for the high quality of its diapers showing a perfect balance between high performance and extremely refined raw materials.

DryWay Technology

All Pillo nappies are equipped with DryWay Technology.

Dryway is technology and innovation, the goal is to ensure maximum comfort for your children.

Dry-Way technology distributes moisture quickly and evenly thanks to its 3 absorbent channels designed to improve the distribution of liquids.

This allows children to feel immediately dry, a feeling that lasts all day long. 3 channels offer better portability and allow Pillo diapers to adapt perfectly to the baby's shape, even when wet.




Pillo and The Environment



All Pillo nappies and Pants Pillo have always been produced with an eye to the environment.

This has allowed the company to receive PEFC and FSC certifications, the most authoritative guarantees that the certified cellulose used for the production of pillo diapers comes from sustainably managed forests.


The cellulose used to produce Pillo has always been bleached with oxygen instead of chlorine to ensure a lower impact on the ecosystem (EFC Certification). Moreover, Pillo diapers and pants do not contain any kind of perfume or lotion.

The colours used are made without the use of heavy metals or lead.

pillo certifications

Pillo Nappies


  1. 12h Dry thanks to the  premium materials used and the Dryway technology with 3 draining channels.
  2. Anatomical and ultra-thin to make kids move like they don't have it.
  3. Protective on the skin, prevents irritation thanks to the premium materials used.
  4. Soft 3D texture creates a particularly soft velvety effect.
  5. Gentle on the skin thanks to premium materials for a caressing sensation.
  6. Elastic bands for a better fit and freedom of movement.

Panty Pillo Pants


  • Elastic belt for a better fit and freedom of movement.
  • Closing tape to throw the product away more easily and hygienically.
  • Elastic side bands; easier to wear.
  • Dry and clean night and day.

Pillo Wipes


  • Substances of vegetable origin
  • Emollient and moisturizing properties
  • With Aloe and Calendula BIO.
  • Pacifier Cleaners for objects that come into contact with children's mouths.