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Why choose Pillo baby diapers?

Pillo baby and newborn diapers are made with the innovative Dryway 2.0 technology with 3 draining channels that ensure rapid absorption of liquids, giving a feeling of comfort and dryness throughout the day. Premium materials make Pillo baby diapers, delicate diapers in contact with the skin. The particular 3D structure in relief creates a soft and velvety effect preventing irritation and redness on the skin. Thanks to the 3 draining channels Pillo diapers can be considered super absorbent baby diapers. In fact, the characteristic Dryway structure allows to block the wet and the leakage of liquids for a dry skin up to 12 hours. The anatomical and ultra-thin design allows children to move with greater freedom, without worries.


Pillo baby diapers are specially designed to offer ultra-fast absorption and ensure a longer dry feeling

Soft and delicate

Ultra-gentle premium materials prevent skin irritation

Umbilical Cut

The Size 1 Newborn has in the front of the baby diaper a cut specially designed to facilitate the management and care of the umbilical cord

Humidity Indicator

Size 1 and Size 2 have the convenient moisture indicator that, changing color once wet, suggests to change the diaper

Dry for 12 hours

The Dryway technology, thanks to the 3 draining channels, guarantees the sensation of dryness for longer

Elastic bands

Elastic bands with practical overlapping closure to adhere perfectly to the child's body and ensure greater wearability.

All sizes available

Pillo diaper sizes comply with international standards and are available in 7 different sizes. The size 1 Newborn is the size of the diapers birth from 2 to 5 kg, or the perfect size for the first days of life of the child. For this reason, unlike the following sizes, it has the innovative umbilical cut in the front of the diaper aimed at not forcing or crushing the delicate navel of newborns, which in the first days of life needs careful and special care. In addition, a specific color-changing moisture detector has been inserted when the child pees, so as to offer the parent a visual and immediate indication to facilitate changing the diaper. The same was also inserted in size 2 Mini, suitable from 4 to 8 kg.


The size 3 Midi is perfect for children from 6 to 10 kg, while the size 4 Maxi, adapting to the growth of the child, is indicated to a weight ranging from 9 to 14 kg. The size 5 Junior is perfect for children walking and running and weighing between 11 and 16 kg, while the size 6 Extra Large is designed for children who are moving towards potty training and weigh between 13 and 18 kg. Finally, the innovative size 7 XXL, is perfect for supporting the baby in the last uses of the diaper, ideal from 15+ kg upwards.

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