Dailee Men

men's sanitary pads designed to anatomically adhere to the shapes of the male body


Male urinary incontinence is a very common problem that generally occurs with age or after medical interventions. However, the causes related to male urinary incontinence can be multiple and at the same time can manifest themselves differently.

For this reason Dailee has designed a special line of men’s sanitary napkins that meets the needs of the clients. The design of male sanitary napkins follows and respects the shape of the male body. Side barriers reduce the risk of liquid spillage by ensuring high performance. In addition, men’s sanitary napkins have a practical adhesive makes them adhere perfectly to underwear. The men’s sanitary napkins Dailee offer the maximum feeling of well-being and comfort that every man deserves. The anatomical shape makes them discreet under clothing and keeps the skin clean and dry, avoiding spills.

Dermatologically tested

Dermatologically tested, Dailee products prevent the onset of annoying skin irritations.

Silky soft

Dailee products are made with soft and ultra-soft materials to increase the feeling of comfort and well-being during use.

Anti-odor control system

The odor control system alters the urine pH, neutralizes odors and ensures extra protection.

Protective side barriers

Dailee products have soft elastics around the thighs that control lateral leaks, and help to ensure high performance.

A diaper for every situation

The Dailee Men men’s urinary incontinence diapers are available in two different absorbency levels: Level 2, ideal for slight urinary leakage and Level 3, ideal for light to medium urinary leakage.

Do not give up the daily activities, live your life fully and safely with Dailee Men!