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ADD Group, a company specialized in selling products for children and elderly people, deals with the distribution of the Pillo, Dailee and Kikido brands through the channels of small/medium distribution. An attentive and dynamic service is made available to our 1700 customers.

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ADD Group Awards

November 2019

ADD is in the ranking "Leader della crescita 2020" by "Il sole 24ore" e “Statista”

February 2020

ADD obtains the certificate issued by Cribis and Dun&Bradstreet "Cribis Prime Company" which certifies the commercial reliability

March 2021

ADD is in the ranking "FT 1000 European Fastest Growing Companies 2021" written by the "Financial Times" and "Statista"

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ADD Group was founded in 2011 with the Retail division for the retail sale of products for children, hygiene, incontinence products dedicated to the elderly. In 2013 ADD Group opened the Business division dedicated to the national distribution of the lines of baby nappies and diapers, products and accessories for adult incontinence. Thanks to a capillary network distributed throughout the country, we provide our customers with products for urinary incontinence from children to adults, diapers and diapers, offering excellent quality aids that guarantee comfort and well-being to the wearer.

Pillo, Dailee, Kikido and Tippy are the brands we represent in Italy and abroad. A choice made in the full awareness of marketing products of the highest quality appreciated by end consumers. In addition to the characteristics of the distributed products, the variety of our services has allowed us today to reach over 1500 customers. The full management of logistics processes, from purchase to transport with the main national couriers, has allowed us to deliver in a fast and easy way within 24 hours.

In addition, the assistance service dedicated to supporting our customers in every purchase phase and a young and dynamic team always available, gave us the opportunity to manage the exclusive distribution on the national territory of the four brands – Pillo, Dailee, Kikido and Tippy – in small and medium-sized distribution channels such as: baby shops, pharmacies, parapharmacies and healthcare. In addition, our commitment is also aimed at participating in tenders for the distribution and supply of public bodies, working with specialized and competitive brands.